Alpine Linux was selected as the base operating system on which Acrobox has been built. Alpine Linux is a relatively small distribution designed to be secure, simple, and resource efficient.


Consider adding a strong password and enabling 2FA on third party services including but not limited to your domain registrar, DNS provider, and DigitalOcean. Ideally, all three of these should be separate entities.


Connectivity is made through a hardened SSH server. A new Ed25519 key pair is created for each machine and the SSH server has been configured to only allow non-root public key connections. Strict host key verification is enforced for all connections.


Containers run in a user-defined bridge network, limiting the scope in which containers can communicate.


Containers run as a non-root user, limiting the scope of permissions the container has on the machine. The tedious details of file system permissions for application data has already been taken care of.


I take security very seriously, but no system is perfect. Please report flaws directly to rather than publicly online. You will receive credit, should you desire, for your research when the vulnerability is fixed.