Redis was selected as the in-memory key/value data structure store to be tightly integrated with Acrobox. Redis is free, open source, well-documented, and has a wide variety of community and commercial support options available. Reach for Redis as a cache or message broker.


Connect to the Redis server using the Data Store Name (DSN) connection string available from the ABX_CACHE_DSN environment variable within containers.

The server is not publicly accessible. See abx help redis-cli for information on how to connect to the Redis command line interface.

External connections can be made through Redis clients that support SSH key authentication. See the output from abx db/info for connection information.


Data is persisted to /acrobox/redis/data.rdb by default. It is recommended to enable encrypted offsite backups. See abx help backups for more information.


Acrobox will continually update Redis to the latest point release. Most Redis application client libraries will automatically reconnect after the upgrade. Major version upgrades must be performed manually.