abx start

Usage: abx start NAME

Start a stopped container.

The container NAME must have been configured through abx add. Container names postgres and redis are also supported.

Services and sites are run as daemons and will be automatically restarted unless manually stopped. Tasks are run as one-off tasks and will not run if the previous invocation is still running.

Containers managed by abx are connected to an isolated bridge network named acrobox, allowing containers to resolve each other by name. See abx status for a list of configured containers and the names by which they can be referenced.

The host directory /acrobox/IMAGE will be mounted to /data on the container with acrobox user permissions, where IMAGE is the image name previously configured by abx add.

For example, if IMAGE is namespace/image then the host directory /acrobox/namespace/image will be mounted to /data on the container.

Note that the directory is named using the underlying image name, not the container name. This way, a single directory may be shared across multiple services, sites, and tasks.

Likewise, environment variables set by abx env/set are bound to the image and applied to all Acrobox containers that run the image.

Similarly, the ABX_STORE_DSN environment variable is set to a PostgreSQL connection string using the underlying image name. This database is not created automatically. Use abx db/create to create it. See abx help postgresql for more information.

The following environment variables are injected into the container runtime:

Name Description
ABX_IMAGE container image
ABX_NAME container name
ABX_SITE container site
ABX_PORT container port
ABX_SCHEDULE container schedule
ABX_STORE_DSN PostgreSQL connection string
ABX_CACHE_DSN Redis connection string