abx init

Usage: abx init [OPTIONS]

Initialize a new Acrobox machine. That’s it! You’re one command from having provisioned secure, affordable, and low maintenance infrastructure — complete with tools and workflows to help you rapidly build, deploy, observe, and iterate on multiple applications.

A new Droplet is created and provisioned with a Docker-based Alpine Linux environment. Secure and lightweight by default, Acrobox is designed to squeeze the most out of your virtual hardware.

Automatic updates for both the system and Docker images are applied daily.

An independently scalable block storage volume is created and mounted to /acrobox. Acrobox configuration and site data is stored here. It is recommended to enable encrypted offsite backups for this directory.

Only the following traffic will, by default, make it through a network layer firewall to your server:

  • 22/tcp (ssh)
  • 80/tcp (http to https redirects)
  • 443/tcp (https to serve applications)

You retain full access to the infrastructure that is provisioned. The defaults will cost you an additional $6.10 USD per month payable to DigitalOcean.

Host multiple sites on a single instance with the built in reverse proxy. SSL/TLS certificates are issued by Let’s Encrypt and yield an A+ on the Qualys SSL Labs test.

Your Acrobox email address is registered with Let’s Encrypt so that you may receive notifications about your certificates. Use of Acrobox implies acceptance of Let’s Encrypt terms of service.

Automatic redirects from http to https and www to naked domain are enabled by default to ensure your sites are accessible from less than perfect manual URL entry.

View system resources, recent deploys, and monitor deployed sites and services without committing additional time and resources until you’re ready.

By initializing a new machine, you authorize Acrobox to charge your card in accordance with the terms of service.

See abx help legal for details.


-r or -region sets the region for your server and block storage mount. The default is nyc1.

Valid regions include:

  • nyc1 (New York City, United States)
  • ams3 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • sfo2 (San Francisco, United States)
  • sfo3 (San Francisco, United States)
  • sgp1 (Singapore)
  • lon1 (London, United Kingdom)
  • fra1 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • tor1 (Toronto, Canada)
  • blr1 (Bangalore, India)

-s or -size sets the Droplet size. By default the cheapest DigitalOcean Droplet size s-1vcpu-1gb-intel is provisioned. Use this option to provision a larger instance. You can always scale up later, when the time is right.

-d or -data-size sets the block storage data volume size in gigabytes. DigitalOcean supports block storage volumes from 1GB up to 16TB. The default is 1GB.

-digitalocean-access-token sets the DigitalOcean API access token. If a flag is not provided, the environment variable DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN will be used by default. Your DigitalOcean access token will not be shared, stored, or logged. Feel free to generate a new token specifically for Acrobox or update your environment variables after use.

-token sets your acrobox.io token. Use of the environment variable ACROBOX_TOKEN is recommended.

-f or -force to skip the confirmation prompt.