abx deploy

Usage: abx deploy [OPTIONS] IMAGE

Deploy a Docker image from your local machine to the host machine.

If an image tag is provided, it is ignored. The latest tag, or the last build or tag that ran without an explicit tag, is deployed instead.

If there exists one or more containers previously configured by abx add that are running services or sites using the given image then they will be restarted. If this is the first deploy, they will simply be started. See abx help start for details on how containers are run.

Restarts send a SIGTERM signal to the container. It is the responsibility of the application to handle the signal. The intended use is to trigger a graceful stop. If the application doesn’t stop before the grace period, a SIGKILL signal is sent to force kill the container. In any case, the container is restarted.


-f or -force to immediately send SIGKILL.

-t or -time to set the grace period between sending SIGTERM and SIGKILL on the container. Defaults to 10. Ignored if force is enabled.