restic was selected as the backup program to be tightly integrated with Acrobox. restic is free, open source, well-documented, and performs deduplicated, incremental, and encrypted cloud storage backups.


The backup procedure runs as follows:

  • All PostgreSQL databases are dumped to /acrobox/postgres/backups/NAME.dump.
  • /acrobox/ is executed if it exists.
  • The entire /acrobox directory is backed up via restic if configured.

Directories marked with a special CACHEDIR.TAG file are excluded. See for more information.

Patterns specified in /acrobox/restic-exclude.txt will also be excluded.

It is recommended to set backups to run automatically as a scheduled task. It is often ideal to run backups during hours of low traffic. For many, that window falls over night. By default, backups run at 10am UTC, somewhere between 2am and 6am across North America depending on daylight savings.

$ abx env/set acrobox/acroboxd BACKUP_SCHEDULE="10:00"

See abx help tasks for more information.

You need to set the following environment variables to enable restic support:

$ abx env/set acrobox/restic RESTIC_REPOSITORY="repo"
$ abx env/set acrobox/restic RESTIC_PASSWORD="hunter2"

Repositories hosted by external services may incur additional costs.

See the restic documentation for information about supported cloud storage providers along with additional required or optional environment variables.

See the pricing information for your cloud storage provider of choice and set usage limits and/or notifications if appropriate.

Trigger a manual backup with abx backup.


Install and use the restic command line application from any machine. It is recommended to set the same restic environment variables locally to make the command line program easier to use.

See the restic documentation for more information.


View snapshots:

$ restic restore latest --target /tmp/acrobox

Download the latest snapshot of /acrobox:

$ restic restore latest --target /tmp/acrobox

Mount the latest snapshot of /acrobox to /tmp/acrobox:

$ restic mount /tmp/acrobox

Download the PostgreSQL database dump for the example database:

$ restic restore latest --target /tmp/acrobox \
  --path /acrobox/postgres/backups/example.dump