What is Acrobox?

Acrobox provides tools and workflows for solo indie hackers to rapidly build, deploy, observe, and iterate on multiple creative projects at a fixed cost — a secure, affordable, and low maintenance Platform as a Service (PaaS) for indie hackers.

Acrobox provisions infrastructure with minimal footprint on your DigitalOcean account complete with SSH keys, a network layer firewall, and independently scalable block storage. Automatic updates are configured out of the box.

The abx command line program is used to manage containerized sites, services, and tasks. Sites are exposed through a reverse proxy that issues automatic SSL/TLS certificates. Manage sites, services, tasks, databases, and more with the same tool.

Who is Acrobox for?

Acrobox alleviates operational complexities and lays the foundation for solo indie hackers to explore their creativity. Whether you’re bootstrapping a startup, grinding on side hustles, or hosting personal projects — Acrobox provides structure for building maintainable applications today without locking you in tomorrow.

Software development is complex on its own. Now you want to show the world what you’ve built. Stakeholder pressure, life obligations, family commitments — you just want to focus on your craft. Many solutions to this problem exist. Acrobox aims to strike a new balance between affordability, simplicity, and openness.

Acrobox is for those that value quality but are not quite ready to invest the time and resources into individual products and solutions for the myriad of technical challenges involved in deploying and maintaining multiple secure and observable production applications. Acrobox can help you get there.