Ship early and often.

Acrobox provides tools and workflows for solo indie hackers to rapidly build, deploy, observe, and iterate on multiple creative projects at a fixed cost.

Zero to sixty without lock-in.

Acrobox provisions infrastructure with minimal footprint on your DigitalOcean account complete with SSH keys, a network layer firewall, independently scalable block storage, software updates, backups, and more.

$ abx init -f
• Creating a new key pair.
• Initializing with
• Provisioning machine and associated resources.
• Writing machine configuration.
• Waiting for SSH connectivity.
• Waiting for machine setup.
• Waiting for service setup.
• Acrobox is ready.

Never leave the terminal.

The abx command line program is used to manage containerized sites, services, and tasks. Sites are exposed through a reverse proxy that issues automatic SSL/TLS certificates. Manage sites, services, tasks, databases, and more with the same tool.

$ abx add -s \ -env production run
$ abx db/create
$ abx psql -c 'CREATE EXTENSION "citext"'
$ abx env/set acrobox/restic \
$ abx deploy
$ abx exec \ -env production db/migrate
$ abx ssh

Move fast with confidence.

Minimal Footprint

Alpine Linux is a relatively small distribution designed to be secure, simple, and resource efficient.


Portability, efficiency, and isolation — just some of the many benefits of containerization.

Modern Software

PostgreSQL and Redis are ready to accept connections from your applications — but protected from hackers.

Hardened SSH

The SSH server has been configured to only allow non-root public key connections. Strict host key verification is enforced for all connections.

Secure Networking

A network layer firewall blocks unwanted traffic from reaching your machine. Containers can communicate with each other by name.

SSL/TLS Certificates

Zero configuration SSL/TLS certificates are issued by Let's Encrypt. All sites yield an A+ on the Qualys SSL Labs test.

Automatic Updates

Stay up to date with regularly scheduled operating system and container updates.

Automatic Backups

Maintain customer trust even when disaster strikes with deduplicated, incremental, and encrypted cloud storage backups.

You're In Control

Install your own software, customize your PostgreSQL and Redis configuration, and even tweak your kernel parameters.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

$30/m USD

Save $1/m per active referral.

Save $10 if you sign up with a valid referral link.

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The defaults will cost an additional $6.10/m USD payable to DigitalOcean.

You will be issued an automatic refund if you cancel within 7 days of provisioning a machine. Cancel any time.

Active referrals are defined as the number of customers that signed up using your referral link and have one or more active subscriptions older than 7 days at the time of invoicing.